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Hello, I'm Noah Carver: A 13-year-old student-lobsterman who enjoys skiing, horseback riding, making and playing music, radio broadcasting, and much, much more! Oh yeah, and by the way, I'm blind.
In the left of the picture, a large lobster boat floats in placid seas. Half of the boat is visible. Twelve-year-old Noah, wearing oil pants and gloves, pushes a large, empty, green lobster trap over the side. His father, also in oil gear, stands at the helm.
Noah tending his traps aboard his dad's lobster boat, "Noah's Ark", with his father, Buzz Carver, overseeing from the helm.
Photo Credit: Greta Rybus/AP Images

So, yeah, that's me!

I'm still working on creating this site, so check back often for updates. By the time I'm done with it, it'll be my web hub for all things me. Anyway, hope you find my little nook on the worldwide web interesting, entertaining, and just plain cool. I think that's all I have to say now. See you later.