NTC SuperMix: My Super Cool Radio Show

This is the home of NTC SuperMix: a fast-paced radio show that'll play just about anything from 40s to grunge rock, from classical to today's hits, we play it all.

Station Information

NTC SuperMix lives at WUMM, a local college radio station in Machias, Maine. The studios are housed in the Reynolds Athletics Center at the University of Maine at Machias. The main entrance leads to the foyer, and looks directly onto a wall-sized window showing DJs at work.

The station is licensed to Machias, Maine, and broadcasts at 91.1MHZ with a 250 watt signal that can reach about 60 miles from the Machias campus.

Not only college students broadcast at WUMM; it's a community station for all ages, with me being the youngest at 13. Many shows are hosted by ordinary Mainers. These shows can range from news, talk, sports, to music. When DJs aren't broadcasting, our "Rockin Robot" plays a steady stream of eclectic jams.

My Broadcasting Story

I've always had a profound interest in broadcasting. As a 5-year-old, I would stand in front of an old karaoke machine and play "DJ" to what ever CDs I could get my hands on. Even Little Einstein! Hahaha! I'd "broadcast" fictitious news reports about missing animals and boats being sold at auction (we live in a coastal community), give the time and temperature; all that jazz. In second grade, I started publishing a one page school newspaper called "Buzz of the Bees" (our school sports teams are the Bees), printing monthly papers until about fifth grade.

Then, things changed. Of course, my parents and teachers have always been supportive advocates. In fifth grade, I was given an amazing chance to visit WERU-FM, a community radio station in Blue Hill, Maine. I toured the station, visiting the 3 studios, browsing their music catalog, and even trying on the DJ console. That cemented it for me--I was going to be a radio personality.

But there was one thing wrong with this picture: WERU was about a 1 hour, 40 minute drive. Sure, we could make the commute, but at that time, things were really up in the air. I had just started fifth grade, and it was a really tough transition. I had to adjust to new tech, teachers, and a whole lot more work. But broadcasting never left my mind.

Then, in sixth grade, I heard about a local radio station operated by the University of Maine. The best part? It was in Machias, only a half hour away. So, it was added to my curriculum as part of English Language Arts. After a few emails back and forth between myself and then station manager Haden Brooks, I was ready to do my first show on St. Patrick's Day, 2016! It went wonderfully, and I was in radio heaven.

And now, fast-forward to today. I am running a lively radio program from 12 to 1 P.M. on Fridays. I take call-ins, requests, juggle playlists and guests, and give the community something to enjoy. That's why I love radio so much; I don't do it just for myself, I do it as a community service that can give Washington County, Maine a voice, and a sound of it's own. That's why I'm passionate about radio.

So How Do I Listen to WUMM

Well, I'm glad you asked. You can always listen to WUMM on your FM radio on 91.1. "But what about all us internet folks; can we listen?" Yes you can!

WUMM’s Internet audio stream can be accessed with any media player or browser that supports the icecast streaming format. Click here to listen to WUMM in a browser


"What if we can't listen to your show live? What do we do?" Well, you have a couple options. You can either watch our behind the scenes FaceBook Live stream, or you can delve into the SuperMix audio archives by clicking this link.

Contact Information

Contact WUMM

To reach the station, please call the WUMM Office at (207) 255-1240. If you wish to call the studio directly, please call (207) 255-1371.

Contact NTC SuperMix

Unfortunately, NTC SuperMix has no means for individuals to contact us... yet. We are in the process of creating a twitter account and Facebook page. In the interim, if you wish to contact us, please email ntcsupermix@aol.com.

WUMM Schedules and Playlists

As per FCC regulation, WUMM keeps a log of all songs played on our station. Please use the links below to access this information

Click Here to View the WUMM Program Schedule
Click Here to View Current Playlists